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Online Level 1A & Level 1B Recertification 


Cost:  $95.00

Duration: 4 hours


The Level 1A and Level 1B recertification course is a text-only course that has been approved for four hours of continuing education credit. Learn about the requirements of Georgia Vegetative BMPs, as well as practical information about Georgia Soils, grasses, planting requirements, and invasive species. This course is designed to work from most computers or mobile devices. Click here before purchasing to check the technical requirements if you have an older computer or mobile device.  

Unlike the Level 1A and 1B certification exams, the recertification course does not have a state-mandated final exam. We had to provide a few short questions both throughout and at the end to make sure you're paying attention, but there is no time limit. The system will tell you if you marked the wrong answer, and you'll have unlimited opportunities to mark the right answer choice. If you spend four hours on the course and answer the questions, there is no way to fail the exam. 

What is required for recertification?

  • First, you must be eligible for recertification. Check the GSWCC website to ensure that you have previously completed a Level 1A or Level 1B certification course and that your card has expired or will expire within the next year.  

  • Second, you must take the full four-hour course. To complete the course you must

    • Spend 4 hours in the course; and

    • Correctly answer all of the questions in the section quizzes and final test (with unlimited attempts);

GSWCC will not allow us to provide recertification unless an individual has spent four hours actively engaged in the online course. If you finish early, we recommend that you re-review materials in the course so that we can award your certification.

Who should take this course 

Individuals who passed the Level 1A or 1B course are eligible to take the recertification course. If your Blue Card or Red Card was issued or renewed more than two years ago, you may take (or retake) the recertification course. If you take the recertification course too early, you will not receive continuing education credit for the course. Certifications are valid for three years. If you have questions about your card, check with GSWCC to determine when your card expires. 

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