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In-Person Erosion Training Courses

Students and Teacher in Classroom

Who should take a course?

Georgia law requires that anyone involved in land development, design, review, permitting, construction, monitoring, inspection, or any land-disturbing activity in Georgia to take an approved course and be certified by the GSWCC.

Which course should I take?

Covenant Group offers four types of GSWCC courses:

  • Level 1A (Blue Card): The Level 1A  Fundamentals Course is a one-day course designed to train contractors, builders, developers, site superintendents, grading and utility contractors, and monitoring consultants in the proper installation, maintenance, and inspection of BMPs on construction sites. If you have not previously taken this course and are participating in a land-disturbing activity in Georgia, you must complete this eight-hour course and pass (70%) the certification exam.

  • Level 1B (Red Card): The Level 1B Advanced Fundamentals Seminar is a two-day course designed to train regulatory enforcement inspectors and non-regulatory inspectors contracted to do regulatory work to accurately inspect land disturbance areas for compliance with Georgia's erosion and sedimentation laws. This course also includes a certification exam. 

  • Levels 1A & 1B Recertification Course:  In addition to taking and passing the required course, Georgia law requires that those who hold Level 1A and Level 1B certifications to take four hours of GSWCC-approved continuing education courses every three years. All of Covenant Group's training courses are approved courses. Covenant Group offers both in-person and online recertification courses. to learn more about Covenant Group's online recertification course, click here.

  • Subcontractor Awareness Course (White Card):  The Subcontractor Awareness seminar is required for individuals involved in land-disturbing activities who are working in a subcontractor capacity under a primary, secondary, or tertiary permitee. Note that the Level IA, Level IB, or Level II certifications are required to perform the duties of a "qualified" or "certified person/personnel" and that a White Card is not sufficient for this purpose.


What should I do if I can't find my card, I can't remember which course I took, or I don't know when my certification expires? 

GSWCC's Level 1A (Blue Card) and Level 1B (Red Card) certifications are valid for three years. Click here to go to the GSWCC website, where you can search for your card type, card number, and expiration date. If your card has expired, you may renew your certification by taking a four-hour recertification course, Contact Covenant Group to learn about the next in-person recertification course or click the button below to take Covenant Group's online course. 



Why should I take Covenant Group's course?

We know that there are dozens of skilled GSWCC-certified instructors. What sets Covenant Group apart is Mrs. Johnson's skill and passion for teaching and for helping students. She not only brings a lifetime of industry, teaching, and farming experience, but she also goes the extra mile to make sure that students learn the material. Here are just a few of the many letters and emails Covenant Group has received:

"Mrs. Brenda Johnson came to [Customer] on two occasions to teach soil erosion classes. She was received very well by all employees, and her past teaching skills really paid off. We had an instructor previously that produced a very low passing rate. Mrs. Johnson's style and dedication paid off well for our crews. I would highly recommend her to teach any of her specialized courses. She is very courteous, focused, professional, and cares about each student."

--Ken, Manager of Construction

"You are an excellent teacher, a light in this world! It was a pleasure learning from you!"


"Awesome! Thank you so much Brenda for your help and yes we will be recommending you for any service or training that you provide." 


"Thank your great class. Great teacher!"  


"Thank you Mrs. Johnson, You are an awesome teacher!"


"Instructor was greatly prepared, managed the course very well, and thoroughly prepared me for the exam."


"The instructor was awesome! Very professional, kind, and knowledgeable. Not a bore!"


I'm signed up for an in-person course. What should I bring?

On the day of the class, please bring your Covenant Group Registration Form and cash or check for the cost of the course. (If you would prepare to pay via credit card, please notify us in advance so that we can prepare a convenient online invoice. In addition, please follow the instructions on the GSWCC website and the Verification Memo. Bring a completed and signed Verification  Checklist, a photocopy (on regular, letter-sized paper) of your driver's license or other documents from the Verification Checklist, and completed, signed, or notarized one of the following forms from the GSWCC website:

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