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Covenant Group of Georgia, LLC is a North Georgia-based training company. In addition to online and in-person GSWCC courses, Covenant Group also offers several other safety courses. 

We aim to be YOUR training company where we educate and empower you and your employees to achieve more and to reach your full potential.
Brenda Johnson has been the owner-manager of Covenant Group since 2011. Brenda is certified as a trainer by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission and holds GSWCC Level 1A & 1B and Level 2 certifications. She graduated from North Georgia College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. She has taught in public school and technical college educational environments. She is an active member of Coal Mountain Baptist Church. She also serves as an affiliate member of the Upper Chattahoochee Soil & Water Conservation District and an executive board member of the Chestatee- Chattahoochee Resource Conservation & Development Council. She is on the Advisory Council of Lanier Technical College. She is known for her passion for helping others, which is displayed in her teaching.
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