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Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board,
Division of Electrical Contractors

Course Delivery: On Demand

Credit Hours: 4

Credit Type: General

Cost: $45 


In recent years, the use of electricity has become an increasingly important and integral part of our daily lives. Not only for those of us who work in the electric power industry, but also for the general public, a knowledge of the basic fundamentals of electricity and its application is increasingly becoming a ""necessity"". In this four module program on basic electrical fundamentals, we will be introducing and studying the general physics, that is the basic natural laws which govern the application in utilization of electricity. This material will serve as the solid foundation on which to build the more advanced concepts that are dealt with in our many other training programs.

In presenting this material, we have tried to limit the application of mathematics and complicated calculations, preferring instead to demonstrate concepts by the use of powerful animated graphics. However, we cannot dispense with calculations altogether, so I encourage you to stick with us; this material does get more and more interesting as we proceed.

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